Sri Lanka Fact File

Sri Lanka is a lush, fertile island of many cultures with a history of diversity now blended into a nation in harmony making it a perfect holiday retreat for people from around the world.

Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka
Independence Day, 04 February (1948)
65525 sq km
6-10 N, 80-82 E
Island off the Southeastern shores of India, 800km north of equator
1340 km
Sri Jayewardenepura Kotte
Sinhala, Tamil & English. English is widely spoken throughout Sri Lanka, with the exception of remote villages.
Majority are Sinhalese, minorities Tamil & Moor.
mostly Buddhist, then Hindu, Christian & Muslim
Textiles & garments, tea, diamonds, gems, rubber & coconut products
Pidurutalagala (Mt. Pedro) At 2524m, Adam’s peak (Sri Pada), holy to believers of all religions, ranks 4th at 2,243m.
International Direct Dialing (IDD) facilities are available at all city hotels, resorts, post offices and telecommunication centres. There are several mobile telephone companies selling local sim cards available to use in your own mobile phone device. WiFi is available island wide except in remote areas. Postal services are provided at most hotels and at the local post office or authorized sub-post offices. Faxes can be handed over to the hotel reception for transmission or via a fax bureau.
It is customary to tip drivers, guides and hotel housekeeping/restaurant staff if the service is satisfactory. The average tip is 100 rupees per guest per day for Housekeeping and half of the added 10% service charge in cash to your waiter at a restaurant. This is solely at your discretion.
Your hotel provides safe and high quality food and we, as a policy, do not recommend restaurants outside the hotel. Always wash and peel fruit before consumption. Drink plenty of water during the day to avoid dehydration.


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